About Perceptron, Inc.

In 1981, Perceptron was established by three graduates of GMI (now Kettering University) with the idea of using in-line machine vision to improve quality, accelerate product launch time and reduce cost for automotive manufacturers. Perceptron's philosophy combined advanced mathematics and optical technology to redefine the manufacturing quality control process.

Perceptron offers highly-configurable measurement solutions that are used by manufacturers to monitor part quality. The measurement results are automatically generated and displayed with statistical tools that permit the manufacturer to better understand and control their manufacturing process. Perceptron solutions improve quality, increase production throughput, eliminate waste and reduce overall manufacturing cost.

A key component to Perceptron's industrial solutions is the Helix® sensors. They are the only sensors in the world to offer Intelligent Illumination®, a technological breakthrough that allows the user to choose the quantity, density and orientation of the laser lines ... on an inspection point level ... without ever moving the sensors or touching the part. Helix sensors provide optimized images which serve as the foundation for over 50 different proprietary 3D measurement algorithms. They robustly and accurately measure surfaces and features on sheet metal, plastics, wood or composites.

Intelligent Illumination® also allows our Helix sensors to automatically generate full, 3D point cloud data. Our customers gain a true 3-dimensional understanding of their part and process - in a single shot. 3D feature extraction and 3D point cloud generation can be obtained from the same solution.
Helix sensors also provide our customers with expansive measurement volumes to accommodate today s demanding manufacturing requirements.


Dimensional gauging solutions are used in the assembly and fabrication plants of many of the world's leading auto manufacturers and their suppliers to contain, correct and control the quality of body structures. These systems provide the flexibility to measure multiple vehicle styles or part types on a single manufacturing line while maintaining their high-speed production rates.

Automated manufacturing (robot guidance) solutions leverage our world-class measurement technology to improve the accuracy of robotic assembly operations. The systems calculate the difference between theoretical and actual relationships of a robot and the part being assembled and send compensation data, in six axes, to the robot. Automated manufacturing applications supported include windshield insertion, roof loading, hinge mounting, door attachment, sealant application and many others.

Innovative, automated scanning solutions provide a fast, non-contact method of gathering data for the analysis of the surface contour of a part or product, such as automotive closure panels including doors, deck lids and hoods. The solutions use robot-mounted sensors to collect the "point cloud data" required for contour analysis and dimensional feature extraction. This allows for the part's shape to be automatically scanned and compared to a computer-generated design and to report specific measurements on the part. Automated scanning solutions are a cost-effective inspection system that shortens lead times while providing precision monitoring for repeatable production.

Gap and flush measurement solutions are used in automotive manufacturing plants to contain, correct and control the fit and finish of exterior body panels. The system automatically measures, records and displays the gap and flushness of parts most visible to the automobile consumer such as gaps between front and rear doors, hoods and fenders, deck lids and rear quarter panels. Perceptron solutions have the ability to measure vehicles while in motion along the assembly line or in a stationary position.

Perceptron's OEM solutions (ScanWorks®, ScanTrak®, and WheelWorks®) are sold as components to other companies who combine them with their products and sell to the end customer. ScanWorks® and ScanTrak® allow their users to add scanning capabilities to their machines or systems for use in reverse engineering and inspections. WheelWorks® combines software with multiple laser line sensors and is sold to multiple wheel alignment machine OEMs in Europe, Asia and North America. Perceptron's newest WheelWorks product, WheelWorks® MNCA, offers a fast, accurate, non-contact method of measuring wheel position for automated or manual wheel alignment machines in automotive assembly plants using true 3D data.